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This approach means heavy upfront costs in order to make the significant investment in IT staff and resources. Offloading the operational challenges to a hosting provider reduces the burden on an IT department, but does little to help reduce the operating costs for a business.

SaaS provides rapid deployment and lower cost to entry, but does not allow the same control of your customer’s digital experience as a dedicated platform.  It is much harder to make your customer’s digital experience your own.

What would you say if we told you that you could have the flexibility and control of an on-premise solution that supports rapid deployment at a fraction of the cost structure?

Here are three reasons IBM Digital Commerce is a different kind of e-commerce SaaS:

It lets you own your online customer experience

Choosing to run a SaaS e-commerce platform has meant that limited page templates and user interfaces tightly restrict you in how you define your customer’s digital experience. Do you or your agency want to have control over the technologies used to define the customer experience? Forget it. Do you want to define a more compelling checkout or user flow within the experience? Good luck. Do you want to adopt a new technology or social media integration? You will need a lot of patience waiting for the vendor to get around to implementing it.

IBM Digital Commerce has removed the typical constraints imposed by most SaaS e-commerce solutions. With IBM Digital Commerce, you get the same convenience of a template/content approach to creating customer interactions as other SaaS platforms with the added benefit of a full development environment in which to tailor your customer’s digital experience when you deem it necessary. This is big.

With the IBM Digital Commerce platform, you can rapidly deploy e-commerce initiatives while having the power and control typically reserved for on-premise or hosted platforms. Have you become less than thrilled with how the checkout flow works or its sequence of pages? Change it. Need to add additional interactions with the customer beyond the core consumer features within the platform? Add them.

Here is the best part. The IBM e-commerce SaaS platform hosts your tailored customer experience within the same offering. There is no need to mashup your e-commerce platform with another platform to get your unique customer engagements just right. Develop your perfectly tailored customer journey and deploy it into the IBM Digital Commerce platform without the additional costs and headaches of mashup technologies.

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